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hen our youngest child went to school it was time for me to expand my horizons beyond the home, children, and farm atmosphere, so I went to a china painting class. That was it for me; I was definitely hooked with this new hobby. I would race to finish my chores and then have time to paint. After a few short years, things changed and the jobs reversed. I began teaching others to paint and accepting commission tile jobs. So the job was a dream for me. I was able to stay home, have no overhead expenses, and be paid to do what I love to do. Now this dream has gone on for 33 years, so I’d say that I definitely love my job. Because of china painting I have been able to travel extensively, and make friends all over the world.

Self expression, to me is as important as eating and sleeping. I am truly thankful that I found the means to express myself through painting on porcelain. I love rich color, strong designs and the challenge of seeing things in a different way.

I love hearing someone else’s idea and being able to express that for them on tiles, fixtures or china. I love having this gift, sharing this gift, and always receiving more new ideas when I share my knowledge.

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